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img_2508. dark jezebel ( delias berinda yadanula) close up of proboscis with pollen grains doi inthanon, thailand. the collector. butterfly flying away from hands clipart. large skipper (ochlodes sylvanus) nectaring on a dog rose. if nothing ever changed, there\u0027d be no butterflies. i\u0027ve been drawing butterflies. how to take care of a caterpillar until it turns into a butterfly or moth. butterfly at the edge of the finger. how life coaching fixed what therapy left broken.

Hey everybody visual teacher here showing you the fastest easiest way to draw an excellent great white shark thus let's get started first of all here my materials is one piece of plain study and one black marker very first thing i'm attending to do is put a dot over here getting ready to this edge then i am aiming to think again to the alternative edge and i am reaching to build another dot right regarding here then i'm gonna connect these dots but i am gonna variety of have it rise slightly in the middle quite sort of a little mound like that and this is often progressing to be the shark's back the next thing i am getting to do is return here to the current end that is going to be the nose and i am planning to bring one line down rather like that my next step is i am planning to leave a touch little bit of area for the mouth bring a new line down like this

Then i am gonna Associate in Nursinggle one line here this fashion then produce this notch and so transferral the 2 lines along to form a triangular fin these square measure referred to as pectoral fins they're quite just like the wings on an airplane they assist keep the shark stable whereas it's swimming and i am gonna fix a little mistake here by golf stroke a black tip on the fin which are some things that nice whites does one have show there is two fins and one on the alternative side i'm gonna come over here so i'm gonna do identical thing for my next step i am getting to begin with another falcate line for the belly or the undersurface of the shark and slowly bring it nearer to the current other line as I approach the tail okay from there i am progressing to return up to the center of the Sharks back to create that known triangular fin notice there is another notch right here and for my next step i'm reaching to intercommunicate to the tail unlike tons of sharks great whites have tails that have fins wherever the length of the higher fin is regarding constant length because the lower fin so i'm gonna bring one sickle-shaped line up like this bring it in slightly come back down on the opposite side then i am just gonna kind of slowly bring it to a point here as I trace back over this line make it a little thicker and easier to see and that is our tail

Next i am gonna come over to the area that we tend to left for the mouth you will notice that this line comes down simply a bit bit wherever the jaw is it just quite offers it that realistic touch and i am gonna have one line that curves in like this then associateother is gonna curve up to satisfy it or the lower jaw is currently i am reaching to begin adding additional details halfway between the highest of the head and conjointly the mouth i am gonna draw a circle for the eye nice whites seem to have eyes that ar solid black and what i'm progressing to do is draw a small circle inside that i am not reaching to modify when we show light-weight reflecting off of an animal's eye it makes it look much more alive currently i'm planning to come across here and place a naris close to the nose above the mouth also most sharks have five gills and they're right here between the corner of the mouth and therefore the pictorial fins for five after all what's a shark without teeth so on the within of the mouth on the highest jaw i am gonna place these large triangular teeth up

Here and then i'm gonna go all the way down to the jowl for a few narrower curved teeth beneath for my next detail i am gonna come towards the back finish of the shark put another triangular fin here a small parallelogram shaped skinny near the tail and then 2 additional fins facet by side beneath here close to the tail furthermore currently great whites have this line that stands proud here it's known as a keel and it helps stabilize them in the water so i'm reaching to keep one in every of those there then i'm aiming to head back up here to draw a line this line goes to celebrate pretty much as good i am sorry it's attending to separate the Sharks white face from the grey up at the top so i am gonna bring that line down like this

And then once we tend to go to color our shark in can leave the belly white and color the remainder of it grey so if I conjointly want to feature a couple of more details i would want to put this shark over here close to the surface of the water along with his fin cutting through we might additionally add some straight lines like this to indicate speed or direction to show more movement we could use a trick that plenty of cartoonists use that is simply to feature some falciform lines and perhaps a couple of bubbles if you would like you might even want to feature a couple of frightened fish just to give your drawing a little additional temperament currently to indicate the difference between the underwater world and what's on top of the surface you would possibly add some lines to represent seagulls off within the distance like so after all there is a lot of various ways that you'll do this however these ar the basics on a way to draw a fast and simple great Carcharodon carcharias act and give it a strive

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